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Parth International Ltd offers a holistic, commercially-focused independent management skills and works closely with the client’s management to meet the desired objectives. Parth International Ltd is committed to extend a lot of advantages to the operations of its client.

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About Us

Parth International Ltd Stands for Quality Service Delivery. We are committed to providing quality services in the management of operations and co-ordination of our clients which meet and exceed their expectations and adding value to their operations.

  • Our Origin Story

    Parth International Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in 1998. The company is cohesive and currently undergoing integration in the Eastern Africa region.

  • Key Developments and Values

    Quo totam dolorum at pariatur aut distinctio dolorum laudantium illo direna pasata redi

  • Objectives

    • To provide safe, quality, timely and affordable logistical services to clients.

Our Services

Our Services


Our position in the market is Quality, professional and timely service delivery. Our customers remain loyal to our services which continue to provide leadership in their respective categories in terms of perception and user benefits.

Project and Chattered Shipment

We can handle any short and long term regular movement of containerized cargo. We can manage the movement of highly time sensitive cargo, by sea freight, both containerized and break-bulk pieces from worldwide suppliers to the East African Region.


Parth International Ltd provides effective services to clients in all aspects in cargo management, overall cargo planning, Procurement, Forecasting, Sourcing Logistics, Clearing and Forwarding are the components of the services we provide under cargo management.

Air Freight

We have no restrictions in the size and weight of the goods we handle, and we provide a full array of Air freight forwarding services like door to door, pick up, advance tracking technology and managing shipping documents.

Buisness Growth

Business growth is directly linked to both the economic performance of the country and market share expansion. Uganda as an economy has been steadily growing at the rate ranging within 6% to 7% annually.


We have a central Bonded warehouse conveniently located at Jinja and have got access to warehouses in Entebbe which facilitate storage of general cargo, movement of home bound and transit shipments destined to Southern Sudan and Eastern part of DRC.

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Clearing and Fowarding

Parth International Ltd is a regional logistics service provider, specializing in clearing of cargo in Eastern Africa and the Great Lakes region. The Services offered include:

  • Customs clearing
  • Local and over-border regional transport
  • Warehousing arrangement

Fast and Safe Instant Delivery

Parth International Limited provides for all your transport problems. We provide overall transportation arrangement for different sized cargo. For local delivery of cargo we have pick-ups which are usually on site and for long distances we have trucks and trailers.

Warehousing and Cargo Handling

Adequate security measures and stuffing are also provided which makes it possible for both inward and outward to proceed safely, simultaneously, conveniently and efficiently. Benefits of regional warehouse:

  • Facilitates clearance of transit shipments destined to the neighboring countries such as South Sudan and Eastern Congo.
  • Seamless distribution
  • Cargo handling equipment to manage any size of shipments

Project and Chattered Shipment

We can handle any short and long term regular movement of containerized cargo. We can manage the movement of highly time sensitive cargo, by sea freight, both containerized and break-bulk pieces from worldwide suppliers to the East African Region.

We employ the highest regime standards of cargo handling; through transit and finally to deliver to final destinations, ensuring that your cargo is received in perfect condition. We solve your most demanding logistic challenges such as shipping large scale and heavy equipment or providing turn-key services to remote areas.

More Details

More Details

More Services Offered

  • Transportation
  • Product Development
  • Market Positioning
  • Costing and pricing
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More Objectives

  • To operate within the guidelines of Uganda Public Procurement guidelines
  • To diversify and continue with line extension geared towards market needs and expansion
  • To remain the most dependable logistical service provider in the regional markets in Africa
  • To achieve the full market and profit potential of our key products and to develop markets for new products that will contribute to share holder value
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Ahimbisibwe Bernard

Director & Founder

I am the founder ,CEO and Director of Parth International Limited. We aim to offer nothing but the best

Kizza Justine


I am Kizza Justine the Adminstrator of all branches of Parth International Limited. We offer only the best services and deliver fast with efficiency. Parth International Limited aims to offer maximum customer care.

Kanyebaze Angella

Legal Advisor

I am Kanyebaze Angella the Legal officer of Parth International Limited and Lawyer by proffesion. We operate efficiently and legally verified and secure by law. We value Client descresion and keep them legally satisfied.

Muzoora Alvin

IT Manager

Hello , I am Muzoora Alvin the IT Manager of Parth International Limited. Parth International has technologically taken big steps to help you track your cargo and order quotations easily from your various locations.

Ayebazibwe Kennedy


Hello , I am Ayebazibwe Kennedy, I am a goods declerant at Parth International Limited , we ensure your cargo moves safely and gets to you through all the borders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have our head offices at Raja Chambers Kampala But we have various branches in these locations:
  1. Malaba
  2. Mombasa
  3. Entebbe
  4. Busia
  5. Jinja
  6. Nakawa

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We have over ten branches over East Africa

We offer a wide range of services. You can Visit our Services page on this site.