Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A Quotation Is a Brocure for your Items. We Parth International can offer you instant quotation order one with us and just like our motto We Aim To Deliver

Parth International is a consultancy, logistics and clearing firm that offers a wide variety of services. We have various branches around East Africa and we are a very reputable company. And trust us when we say.....
We Aim To Deliver

We have our head offices at Raja Chambers Kampala But we have various branches in these locations:
  1. Malaba
  2. Mombasa
  3. Entebbe
  4. Busia
  5. Jinja
  6. Nakawa

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We have over ten branches over East Africa. Namely :
  1. Kampala Branch
  2. Jinja Branch
  3. Malaba Branch
  4. Busia Branch
  5. Katuna (Rwanda) Branch
  6. Mbarara Branch
  7. Nakawa Branch
  8. Mutukula Branch
  9. Olaba Southsudan Branch
  10. and more

We offer a wide range of services. You can Visit our Services page on this site.

Our Director and Board Head , Ahimbisibwe Bernard Founded the company Parth international Limited in the year 1998. The Organisations has grown and is still growing and flourishing since then.

We offer a wide range of services. And hence have a wide variety of trusted clients a huge client base is achieved through our splendid customer care services while delivering safely. A few of them are:
  2. TATA
  4. BIDCO
And many more visit our clients page

Legal Accomplishments , You can definately trust us to deliver your products with no trouble. Here are a few of the Huge Legal accomplishments we have.
  1. Certification of Registration with URA as a Tax payer (TIN) and VAT Registration .
  2. Customs Agents Licence
  3. PPDA Register of Providers – Certificate
  4. A Certified Power of Attorney
  5. Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
  6. A copy of the Certificate of incorporation