About Us

Parth International Ltd is committed to extend a lot of advantages to the operations of its client.

  • Our Origin Story

    Parth International Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in 1998 . The company is cohesive and currently undergoing integration in the Eastern Africa region

  • Key Developments and Values

    A reliable and sustainable logistics company with loyal satisfied repeat clients. With values like honesty, reliability and trustworthiness.

  • Objectives

    . Parth International Ltd offers a holistic, commercially-focused independent management skills and works closely with the client’s management to meet the desired objectives.



Hours Of Support


Our Teams

Our Teams

Raja Chambers Team

Main Kampala Branch

Find us along Kampala road along parliamentary avenue on Rajachambers building.

Entebbe Team

Entebbe Branch

We are based in Entebbe Branch.

Jinja Team

Jinja Branch

Find us at the Jinja Branch

Busia Team

Busia Branch

Based in Busia

Malaba Team

Malaba Branch

We are based and found in Malaba

Mombasa Team

Mombasa Branch

Find us at Mombasa

Mutukula Team

Mutukula Branch

Based in Mutukula

Nairobi Team

Nairobi Branch

We are based in Mbarara

Nakawa Team

Nakawa Branch

Find us at Nakawa , in Priemier Engineering Complex building.Around Spear Motors.

Ahimbisibwe Bernard

Director & Founder

I am the founder ,CEO and Director of Parth International Limited. We aim to offer nothing but the best

Kizza Justine


I am Kizza Justine the Adminstrator of all branches of Parth International Limited. We offer only the best services and deliver fast with efficiency. Parth International Limited aims to offer maximum customer care.

Kanyebaze Angella

Legal Advisor

I am Kanyebaze Angella the Legal officer of Parth International Limited and Lawyer by proffesion. We operate efficiently and legally verified and secure by law. We value Client descresion and keep them legally satisfied.

Muzoora Alvin

IT Manager

Hello , I am Muzoora Alvin the IT Manager of Parth International Limited. Parth International has technologically taken big steps to help you track your cargo and order quotations easily from your various locations.

Ayebazibwe Kennedy


Hello , I am Ayebazibwe Kennedy, I am a goods declerant at Parth International Limited , we ensure your cargo moves safely and gets to you through all the borders.