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Loose Cargo

We have a central Bonded warehouse conveniently located at Entebbe Airport which facilitates storage of general cargo, movement of home bound and transit shipments destined to Southern Sudan and Eastern part of DRC.

Adequate security measures and stuffing are also provided which makes it possible for both inward and outward to proceed safely, simultaneously, conveniently and efficiently.


Benefits of a regional warehouse:

  • Facilitates clearance of transit shipments destined to neighboring countries such as South Sudan and Eastern Congo
  • Seamless distribution
  • Cargo handling equipment to manage any size of shipments
  • Reduced total costs of delivering goods to customers

We will arrange for warehousing in most major regional centers by procuring for you:

  • Pick and pack
  • Pallet racking and open floor storage
  • Management of stock
  • Pallet/Parcel Scales
  • Vehicles
  • Fork Lift Services
  • Manned security