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About Us

Parth International Limited

About Parth International Limited

Parth International Ltd is a logistics consulting firm that was registered as a Limited liability Company in November 1999. Parth International Ltd has evolved from a local provider of logistic services to a global network with global logistic companies. Parth International Ltd has managed to develop its operational and networks through effective and efficient methods. Since its formation, the company has focused its expertise to customer satisfaction and improvement in service delivery. To the company, accountability to its customers is paramount and hence no regrets have been envisaged originating from its services.

The head office is located at Raja Chambers, Parliament Avenue in Kampala.

There are branches in the following towns:

  • Entebbe, Malaba, Mombasa, Dar-es-Salaam, Nairobi, Busia, Mutukula, Jinja, Mbarara, Arua, Bunagana, Katuna.

Quality Policy

International Affiliation:

Parth International is a member of the Federation Of East Africa Freight Forwarders Association (FEAFA) and this has greatly improved on the company’s ability to handle client’s work. WFN boasts of a global presence of close to 200 members that have the expertise necessary to meet the demanding requirements of the world’s top importers and exporters. World Freight Network has therefore become our link to the international markets in the provision of our logistical services.

At the national level, the company is registered with the Uganda Freight Forwarders Association (UFFA). This is an association of Logistic players in the market and it operates as a regulator of the industry by up-dating its members about the current developments and the effects of globalization.

Due to its effective and efficient adherence to URA regulations, the company has also been awarded the status of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by Uganda Revenue Authority. This means the process will be much easier and faster than before.


A reliable and sustainable logistics company with loyal satisfied repeat clients.


To be the ultimate choice in provision of clearing, freight forwarding, transportation and        logistics consultancy services in the East African Region and Internationally.

Important Statistics

We are proud to be among the leading Logistics companies in Uganda

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